13 thoughts on “iPhone 5 – First Look, Specs, And New Design

  1. this guy speaking is so fucking stupid. typical redneck retard american.
    final word, apple is shit. only retard sheep buy it

  2. Ruben Sabando

    Galaxy S3 in my opinion is ridiculous. It’s way too big and bulky and it
    has an ugly design. iPhone designs are very original. Every android phone
    looks nearly the same. Lol I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this…

  3. Abbasalsaedy

    Cactus kid well actually the phone galaxy was really good untill i got my
    new iphone 4 this phone is the bomb it has a holographic keyboard

  4. Xavier Wade

    A galaxy feels so cheap and it cracks WAY more easily then the iPhone 5 I
    rather the the iPhone 5 which I do have lol


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